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-- real, imagined, large and small-- for w four years at the obama white house. 25 year veteran from the c.i.a., up from the ranks, substantial experience, good relations ons, the hill, probably a slightlyce easier time than senator hagel. a >> pelley: thank you very much. we wanted to let you know that while in vietnam chuck hagel fought alongside his younger brother tom. this is a picture of them together. one day their armored personnel carrier hit a land mine and chuck hagel was burned, his eardrums were ruptured but still he carried his brother through enemy fire to safety. our pentagon correspondent david martin has a remarkable a interview tonight with general stanley mcchrystal, the man who led the war in afghanistan. mcchrystal was forced to resign that job in 2010 because of a magazine interview in which members of his staff were critical of the obama administration mcchrystal once led the hunt for terrorists in iraq and he told david martin about his decision to call in anisio air strike that killed the head of al qaeda in iraq, abu musab al-zarqawi. >> i had every expectation t
working. >>> president obama wants white house anti terrorism chief john brennan to head the cia and chuck hagle is his pick for defense secretary. >> these two leaders have dedicated their lives to protecting our country. >> if confirmed he would replace leon panetta at the pentagon. brennan will fulfill the john patreus left after admitting to an extramarital affair. >> hilly clinton proved -- hillary clinton proved she could take a joke. she spent a few days in the hospital for a blood clot near her brain discovered after she fell she got a jersey with the number 12, the number of countries she visited as secretary of state. >> you think it is cold outside? >> cool. >> paul says it is nothing. >> high-def doppler showing dry conditions because of a big area of high pressure that will move overhead tomorrow, sunshine in 2 afternoon. that l above the gulf of alaska is the source of cold air that will be moving in later this week. >>> a bay area landmark was swept out to sea. [ audio difficulty ] we are all reflections of the people who came
-to-just add about mr. brennan, who's a fascinating figure the obama white house and really had been more powerful than any counterterrorism chief than i can ever remember. in fact, more powerful than most white house staffers that i could ever remember. i think this is going to be a tricky transition for a couple of reasons. the first is that mr. brennan has been deeply involved in the formulation of policy. and at the c.i.a., he is essentially supposed to be barred from being involved in policy, he's just supposed to give the intelligence and the analysis. the second is that mike mor rell who stood up with him in the white house at the east room today and i went over the the announcement it was quite touching to see how mr. morrell, who had been the other contender for job introduceed mr. brennan and said much about him. but i think if you ask people inside the agency, mr. morrell was very much, i think, their sort of home favorite because he had come up out of the analytic division and has been sort of a calming force in his time there. so it's not entirely clear to me that this is goi
has been at president obama's side. he has designed the white footprints strategy focusing on drones and special forces -- forces. he was involved in the bin laden raid. the big question in my mind is, will he be happy being back at the cia where he spent 25 years. he has been running the operation of all of the american intelligence services in recent years. >> a lot of people do not know who he is. thank theorem much -- thanks very much. among the challenges facing the next defense secretary is getting american combat troops home from afghanistan by 2014. american officials will discuss the trickier details. some reports the actual drawdown is already underway. >> they are cleaning up and clearing out. u.s. marines and their armored vehicles are leaving afghanistan behind and heading back to the states. 30,000 foreign troops left the country last year. this compound holds only a tiny fraction of what is to be returned. it is all going to be sent back home. >> we are not going to leave anything behind. we have a long history of bringing nothing with us. if it is on serviceable and b
brennan to the helm the cia. they appeared with obama on monday at the white house. >> am also grateful for opportunity to help continue to strengthen our country and our alliances. in advance global freedom, decency, humanity. as we help build a better world for all mankind. i will always do my best for our country, for those are represented at the pentagon, and for all our citizens. >> if confirmed as director, i will make my mission to ensure the cia has the tools it needs to keep our nation safe and that its work always reflects the liberties, the freedoms, and the values that we hold so dear. >> senator hagel has faced criticism from rightwing foes over his positions on israel and dealing with iran, as well as from progressive critics for making day -- denigrating comments in 1998 about gays in government, for which only recently apologized. some democrats have joined republicans in opposing him over his refusal to back unconditional support for israeli government policies. on monday, the ranking democrat at the house foreign affairs committee, eliot engel of new york, said he beli
day the obama white house invites somebody from the nra to come over, participate in a meeting. >> we are told james baker will be representing the nra. he's been with the nra leadership roles off and on through the 1980s. a high-level campaign volunteer to senator mccain during his 2008 failed bid for the presidency. and the baker we are talking about, of course, is not the former secretary of state. just to clarify that. >> but it's a common name. >> that's right, wolf. >> lisa, thanks very much. >>> kate balduan's got more with what's going on with guns in the country. what are you seeing there, kate? >> in colorado, emotional testimony and a chilling description of the elaborate booby trap laid out by accused theater gunman, james holmes. we remember this story so well. new details merged at his preliminary hearing today about how he rigged his apartment to create a massive explosion, that would have left even more people dead in aurora. cnn's ed lavendera is in centennial, colorado, for us. ed, the details are absolutely chilling. what's the latest you're picking up? >> kate, rem
with graham. sources say president obama will pick white house chief of staff jack lew who would replace tim geithner who will be stepping down. reaction to the news that planned parenthood took many more federal money and performed more abortions last year than ever before. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern from washington now. back to new york and my colleagues with "th." ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome backbe to "the five." we have been having great time in the commercial breaks and we'll tell you later on twitter what was said. this is what we're going to talk about now. internships, important ways to get -- no, not that. not that kind of problem with interns. internship is very important. probably all of us had internships along the way. some are paid and some are unpaid. charlie rose had to settle the lawsuit to pay college interns minimum wage, like $250,000 lawsuit. did you intern? >> andrea: i did. >> dana: in addition to working at the diner in >> andrea: yes. >> dana: that is the difference. you two, i am trying to hold it together here. interns, should i go this way over here? did
: immigration spending surging in the obama white house. gerri willis is on the store next. ashley: plus it's been a week since the fiscal cliff deal and we're so glad we're not talking about it. how long will congress wait to fight the next battle over the debt limit or debt cliff? congressman paul brown and john yarmuth weigh in ahead. the dow is down some 65 points. we'll be right back. >> announcer: you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity and turn your life upside down. >> hi. >> hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. >> you just read my mind. >> announcer: just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock to relentlessly protect what matters most... [beeping...] helping stop crooks before your identity is attacked. and now you can have the most comprehensive identity theft protection available today... lifelock ultimate. so for protection you just can't get anywhere else, get lifelock ultimate. >> i didn't know ho
nomination, this time it appears the white house is not backing down. this time president obama has officially nominated chuck hagel to be secretary of defense as of today. interestingly, another potential nominee for a big high profile national security job for this white house who president obama reportedly initially wanted, but who also backed off from was this guy, john brennan. this was john brennan with president obama when president obama first took office. john brennan was reportedly president obama's choice to lead the cia after he first became president in his first term. john brennan had been a career cia figure. he had served as chief of staff to george tenet when george tenet under george bush developed their torture and secret prison program. john brennan's association with the torture and secret prison program of the george bush era of the cia is what sunk his chances for being picked as director of the cia at the start of the obama presidency. it's kind of weird. it's almost a foreign concept in american modern politics that the left might block something from happen
in the announcement at the white house, president obama praised brennan's high standards as an intelligence leader. >> he has worked to imbed our efforts in a strong legal framework. he understands we're a nation of laws. and in moments of debate and decision, he asks the tough questions and he insisted on high and rigorous standards. time and again he has spoken to the american people about our counter-terrorism policies because he recognizes we have a responsibility to be open and transparent as possible. >>> all right. so in the midst of that white house ceremony that was solid and tough stuff about national security, there was one moment of comedy styling, the line of the day goes to leon panetta who is leaving as defense secretary after a long career in washington. he spoke about his retirement plans. >> the time has come for me to return to my wife sylvia, our three sons, their families, our six grandchildren and my walnut farm. dealing with a different set of nuts. >> all right. so the nomination fight over chuck hague that will we're expecting, washington is also dealing with financial mat
? hillary clinton's fake fake brain blood clot? barack obama is filling up his cabinet with old white guys and republicans like chuck hagel? meanwhile some republicans are up with the hagel pick because of his possible antigay views. the democrats are filling in with the old white guys and the republicans are helping the the gays. i can't wait to see what the daily show is going to do with that story. there's no time. there's too much. dam damn you mayans. why couldn't the world have ended when you said it was going to end because that's what i was planning on. now i've got three trillion cans of creamed corn in my basement. waaa! we're going to get to all that in the next week or two because after that we have a two-month midwinter hiatus. but we have to start somewhere. here we go. our top story tonight, world renown thes pee and gerard depardieu has decided to depart france. (mumbling) we begin where we left off: dangling tenuously on the precipice of the fiscal cliff. could president barack obama pull america back from the chasm? would house speaker boehner's doomsday machine be stoppe
has set up a tough, new political fight for the white house. a fight president obama signaled he's ready to have over the plain spoken vietnam veteran. >> willingness to speak his mind, even if it wasn't popular. even if it defied the conventional wisdom. that's exactly the spirit i want on my national security team. >> under fire for his past statements about israel and iran. hagel is now speaking out. told his hometown newspaper "lincoln journal star." the distersions about my record have been astounding. once voicing opposition to unilateral sanctions on iran, hagel says while he was "hanging out there in no man's land unable to respond to charges, falsehoods and indistortions, he admitted they took on a life of their own." he's arguing that there's "not one shred of evidence that i'm anti-israeli. nat one vote that matters that hurt israel." hagel defending his iran stance saying unilateral sanctions, "don't work and just isolate the united states." republican critics many who bitterly remember his split from the iraq war are focusing on iran and israel. >> he's an honorable
obama's nomination of former senator chuck hagel for secretary of defense. also in the past hour, white house press secretary carney said he expects hagel will win bipartisan support. >> we fully expect that after the fair hearing that senator mcconnell said he hoped senator hagel would receive, that he will be confirmed as the next secretary of defense. >> meantime, hagel is defending his past statements about israel and iran. he told his hometown newspaper in nebraska, quote, the distortions about my record have been astounding. there's not one shred of evidence i'm anti-israel, not one vote that hurt israel. he denied he is soft on iran, defending the stance against unilateral u.s. sanctions on iran saying they don't work and they just isolate the united states. joining me now, retired army colonel jack jacobs and also politics reporter for "roll call." colonel, i'll start with you in this discussion. many people talked about the dynamic of the confirmation hearing and you have john mccain who once praised chuck hagel, even saying that he could be secretary of state. now going after
to have a the next two or three months. >> white house aides say mr. obama plans to move forward the agenda in a timely fashion. leading republicans say in addition to spending and debt, jobs are another top priority, suggesting the gop is slamming on the brakes on the gun issue. lou: thank you very much, as always. our chief congressional correspondent. senate majority leader harry reid apologizing after saying last week that hurricane katrina was nothing in comparison to what happens to the people of new york and new jersey during hurricane sandy. his comments drew a sharp rebuke from republican senator david badger of louisiana. he, today said, we revealed -- he revealed himself to be, and i am quoting, and in the. before anyone can come to his defense, issued a statement saying he simply misspoke. and the supreme court says it will hear oral arguments in late march for two cases affecting gay marriage. the first case argued on the 26 the marched challenges california's proposition eight that forbids same-sex marriage and a set of california. the second is expected to be heard
a spending problem. the white house is not backtracked on that. obama has backtracked on something, medicaid cuts. he was willing to do $110 billion in cuts and he is not going to. president obama was admitting that he could not bring his left his democrats to the table on spending cuts. that is why we're going to have another fight on this in february. >> if things were getting better and he has created these jobs, why do we have to increase spending on food stamps. >> greg: when he says we don't have a spending problem, he is right. we have a mental health problem, only a person saying that would have a mental problem. the tweets, okay? this is my twisted metaphor, voting for obama is like eating a pint of ben and jerry's in your sweats because the sweats don't have elastic. you don't feel the consequences of eating the ice cream. next day you get up to work and you put on jeans under a can't get them on because you are fat pig. so voting for obama is eating ice cream in your sweats. >> bob: that is twisted. >> greg: the fact is... wait... with this media the only way to cure lessism is le
, you could basically call him the architect for it. he talks to obama pretty much everyday in the white house, about how to conduct strikes, something out of the public eye and doesn't attract a lot of political opposition and doesn't implicate americans that they have really something at stake here. so it has been a cost-free way of waging war. >> so what does it mean about the cia's priorities and methods going forward? >> if you thought he was powerful before, now he has an entire agency at his command. chances are if you look at brennan at the cia, you see the priorities take shape. draw down the big intensive wars and play off the shadow campaigns that can in theory use a sort of limited amount of force against the necessary targets. >> and he was blocked in the first term from becoming cia director? >> yes, before there was sort of a preemptive campaign against brennan, because they feared he was pro-torture, that got him in the position at the white house, where he never had any oversight against him, that is about to change. >> thank you very much. >>> coming up next, how a coin
the next nomination president barack obama is expected to make is white house chief of staff jack lou to replace tim geithner. if he is confirmed, he will work with congress to raise the debt ceiling and also the president will have to work with a new chief of staff. >>> they have approved new zephyrs pay -- severance pay under the done ask done tell law. the settle -- don't tell law. the settlement comes after the vote last fall. >>> the two electronic's company are fighting on several fronts. today it will lead to selling it here in the u.s. and it includes gallon lassie includes 8 of its parents and they are not being compensated. the battle -- 8 of its patents and they are not back compensated. >>> we now know the name of a woman who crashed into a pond and died. she lost control of her car on the on ramp and it hit a curb crashed through a fence and went right into the water. dive teams tried rescue her but it was too late and the cause is still under investigation. >> they gave tough approval and the council unanimously included medical marijuana and electronic cigarettes. this
's role is very important. as president obama said, women's role is often overlooked in our society. -- the white lady, brought us from sros on the -- the beautiful -- [indiscernible] woman. i think it is time for san francisco to have change. ms. cohen and ms. kim would be great. there will be other jobs and positions for those who have served. today san francisco is calling for somebody to wear the righ t heels correctly. i'm here to cheer you on to take san francisco ahead; let's get on with this new year. bye. female president of the board of supervisors. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon board and everyone assembled. -- student trustee at city college of san francisco [indiscernible] and the advisory committee that starts tomorrow. folks of district 11, district 7, we need improvements in that area. i think it is really a great day in san francisco when you have three leaders the very wreck nice for doing great community work here in san francisco, i know david and jane closely; i don't know malia as closely. i see you out in the community. i am happy that you three ha
. >>> president obama's next nomination expected to be white house chief of staff jack loo to replace timothy geithner -- jack lieu to replace timothy geithner. >>> the crimson rolled over noter game. they beat them 4-14. now -- 42-14. now some college fans are calling alabama a dinah city. notre dame didn't even score until they were late in the fourth quarter. that was alabama's third national title in the last four years. >>> later on today, the san francisco giants are gonna start to show off their latest world series trophy. a three-month public tour will kick off this afternoon in sacramento. the tour will feature both the 2010 and the 2012 world series trophies. the first bay area stop, just so you know, it will be in richmond next monday. we don't know the exact time or location. >>> a lot of people posted pictures of themselves with the trophy on facebook. >>> there's patches of dense fog. you are driving along crystal clear and then boom. up next, steve paulson will tell us about a dramatic change in the weather headed our way. >>> and thousands of investors knocking to sacramento a
news is confirming president obama is expected to nominate jack lieu the white house chief of staff in that position. it will likely happen by next week. they will have to confront the debt ceiling. lew was white house director back in 2011. the search will resume this morning for two teenagers who fell through a frozen lake in new jersey. neighbors say they heard people yelling for help last night. they saw the boys struggling down in the water. two neighbors tried to help the boys but they had to turn back because it was too dangerous. crews searched for hours last night. so far no signs of the boys. >>> the preliminary hearings for the accused gunman in colorado continues today. haunting details about the july hooting were revealed including that holmes bought his movie ticket 12 days before the movie. veteran officers fought back tears as they described stepping over their victims inside that theater and rushing them to the hospital. dozens of survivors and victim's families packed into the courthouse. for many it was the first time facing that shooter. >>> stress. honestly you
.com/billpressshow. we start off the day with the big news about chuck hagel. president obama is going to fight for this one unlike susan rice, he's going to fight to the finish line, nominating him yesterday to be secretary of defense. i was there in the white house yesterday when the president made that nomination. i'll tell you all about it. we'll also tell you about of course the big game last night. and efforts here underway in washington already to get ready for the debt ceiling battle. now we're told the treasury may not be able to pay its bills after february 15 which moves the clock up two weeks ahead of what we thought it was last week. lots to talk about. lots to get into. let's get right to it with team press. peter ogborn and dan henning. >> happy tuesday. >> good to see you bill. >> bill: thank you. not good to hear me. good to see me. i notice the difference there. not very subtle there. >> good to have you here. >> good to have you. >> bill: i wish i could do more. i'm drinking my tea. my hot tea my cold tea. >> you're doing everything right. someone e-mailed saying you should b
much what he would like. and then there is the numbers. the obama administration [inaudible] the final number will be 8000 to 10,000. >> the white house did not rule out the possibility that there will be no u.s. combat troops after the end of 2014. what difference to the future to those numbers make? >> most importantly it is psychological. if the u.s. pulls the plug on december 31, 2014, afghans are going to have a fairly collective [inaudible] a garantor against pakistan interfering with the country and also the taliban not coming back. that is a real concern when july 2011 was the drawdown date. >> what can 8000 troops do to stop that happening? >> a good question. i would find it hard to believe that the u.s. government would not leave some number of troops. think about the blood and treasure that has gone into this. it is not just the united states. it is the u.s. and nato policy for continuation of a presence past 2014. is it a combat presence? no. it is a support to counter terrorism and a training program. the distinction between that and the combat provinces in the eye of the
are chuck hagel for secretary of defense and white house counterterrorism adviser john brennan for the director of c.i.a. as the president put t they did not seem too travel. >> obama: chuck hagel's leadership would be historic. he would be the first person of enlisted rank to serve as secretary of defense. one of the few secretaries who have been wounded in war and the first vietnam veteran to lead the department. in john brennan, the men and women of the c.i.a. will have the leadership of one of our nation's most skilled not to mention the smarts and strength that he claims comes from growing newspaper new jersey. >> john: that seemed like a nice chris christie shout out for john brennan. chuck hagel, according to our republican friends include opposition to the iraq war search and wanting diplomacy to threats in iran. he mentioned the jewish lobby and hints, i'm quoting a jewish problem. here are how three gap leaders g.o.p. leaders describe the nominee. >> he's wrong on the national issues that face our country today. >> this is an in your face for those who support israel.
with conscience. >> greta: this is a fox news alert, president obama is expected to nominate white house chief of staff jack blue as the-- jack lew, a source telling all, but a done deal, an announcement by the end of this week as treasury secretary. and nominated chuck hagel as defense secretary and the treasury secretary nomination would round out the president's cabinet and stay with fox news channel for the latest on this breaking news story. and straight ahead, a shocking rape case that's ripping apart a small town. the accused two high school football players and now disturbing video has gone viral and inciting outrage across the nation. that's next. new information tonight about that infamous map showing where gun owners live and the new outrage. the latest against the newspaper that published it. on the record tracking down the publisher coming up. watch out warren buffett, bill gates and even oprah winfrey, someone is calling for your heads. who got caught on camera suggesting we behead the rich? i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering u
-capacity magazines and military, assault-style weapons. >>> and the white house is braced for a confirmation battle, now that president obama has nominated former republican senator chuck hagel to be the next secretary of defense. as abc's martha raddatz reports, hagel's critics are already speaking out. >> reporter: president obama made clear just how important this nomination is for the country. >> my most solemn obligation is the security of the american people. >> reporter: chuck hagel knows the horrors of war firsthand. at 21, a poor kid from nebraska, he volunteered to go to vietnam. fighting side-by-side, with his 19-year-old brother, tom. he got two purple hearts. one when shrapnel ripped open his chest and his brother dragged him to safety. and another, a month later, when hagel himself on fire from a land mine, rescued his brother. but critics are not focusing on hagel's military service. while serving as a republican senator, he angered some in his own party for not backing the troop surge in iraq, not supporting unilateral sanctions against iran. and what some on the hill perceived a la
on that next, carla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> president barack obama is expected to make his next white house chief of staff tim geithner to raise the debt ceiling and the president also needs to finds a new chief of staff. >>> they approved extra severance pay for dozens of lesbians discharged under the don't ask don't tell bill. the 2. $4 million settlement covers veterans which received only half of their pay. don't tell don't ask was reformed last fall. they will take up two same sex marriage cases and it will come under proposition 8 which is to be heard and keeps them from recognizing those marriages for any purposes including healthcare and taxes. >>> the driver accused of killing two people in the mission district is due back in court this morning. 19-year-old david morales faces two counts of murder and several other felony charges in connection with the deadly crash on new year's day. investigators say morales was racing away from police following a shooting when he killed two innocent people. >>> a search for a missing man in skott's valley. he has not been heard f
a fair amount of controversy. dagen: as our own charlie gasparino has been reporting, president obama is expected to nominate white house chief of staff jack lu as the next treasury secretary. with the reaction and what this means for the dead feeling fight, the fight over spending and tax increases, we go to bret baier. bret, you certainly know washington. what does this mean about the upcoming fight with republicans? >> good morning. republicans did not think that they had a real great partner in the negotiation the first time on the debt ceiling when they were working with jack lu. in fact, speaker boehner and some of the aids back in the summer of 2011 that he was kind of uncompromising. some called him the know it all. they really did not like the whole exchange with loopback then. democrats say that he is a tough negotiator and a guy that knows all of the numbers. he is kind of a policy whiz when it comes to the budget. he is a former director and not obama and clinton administration. he will get tapped to be the next treasury secretary, obviously, if confirmed. he has a very cl
in the next four years, we start with nbc's peter alexander outside of the white house and "the washington post" david nakamura. peter, look, you could describe the first term and the first few months since being re-elected as a confident obama. making bold cabinet picks. laying out a very ambitious agenda, adding gun legislation to the docket or you could describe it as almost confident. you know, he backed away from the susan rice pick. he gave in on taxing the top income earners at the rate he wanted. and so far he's really just tiptoed kind of cautiously around gun control. so this a confident obama based on the agenda you're seeing or a caution one? >> reporter: focusing on foreign policy, i think you'd have to say this is a confident president obama right now. just consider the selections of chuck hagel, john kerry, even though it's not susan rice, but also john brennan compared to four years ago. jim jones did not work out. there was secretary gates at defense that was brought over from the bush administration before him. and so i think in many ways this sort of demonstrates that th
at the shooting scene, he nearly slipped on it. >>> the white house just announced president obama will hold the allegation on friday for bilateral talks. and wall street's hot streak ended when the dow tumbled 51 points. the s&p shed four and the nasdaq lost two. back to hardball. >>> as a country we have been through this too many times, whether it's an elementary school in newtown or a shopping mall in oregon or a temple in wisconsin or a movie theater in aurora or a street corner in chicago. these neighborhoods are our neighborhoods, and these children are our children. and we're going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this regardless of the politics. >> welcome back to "hardball." it's been 24 days now since the horrific shooting in newtown, connecticut, and this weekend we got the first bit of information on the size and scope of recommendations vice president biden's gun control task force may make. "the washington post" reported that they include universal background checks for gun buyers. a national database to track gun sales. streng
] congress is up this week but president obama at the white house today. meeting today with hillary clinton and leon panetta. is president joe biden returns tomorrow and resumes deliberations with his taskforce on gun violence. the team, made that a new -- may back a new assault weapons ban. this is it a press reports he will meet with gun violence victims groups and gun safety organizations. also, he will talk to gun ownership groups as well as advocates for sportsmen. coming up in half an hour work, we will bring you a discussion on debt and deficit reduction and the fiscal cliff agreement reached by congress last week. the panel includes several people. new jersey gov. chris christie in his state of the state address. one topic he is expected to address, funding for hurricane than the relief effort. last week congress approved flood insurance aid. lawmakers are expected to take up an additional 50 billion in the coming weeks. that is live at 2:00. we will show it to you at 8:00 eastern on c-span. >> i think that collectivization of the minds of america's founding fathers is project reall
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to the nominations put out by the white house yesterday. president obama had a news conference to put forth chuck hegel as well as the john brennan. to head the cia. also, there are the headlines in the newspapers of syria, iran, peace in the middle east, etc so we want to get your take -- what to you think of foreign policy issues in 2013? here is some comments on our facebook page -- what is your take on this? we will get to your comments in a minute. the front page of "the washington post "- here is the front page of the huffington post this morning -- these are all the headlines in the huffington post this morning. about the nomination of chuck hagel for that position. the financial times this morning -- >> we go to missouri, a democratic caller -- caller: i am loving it. i am glad that obama picked chuck hagel. it is about time we got a real american hero that does not have to be vetted by cowards like lindsay gramm and the apac crowd. why doesn't he moved to israel and joined the knesset because many of us don't feel like he feels about israel and their politicians should not have to be vet
friday at the white house. they will discuss the u.s. transition in afghanistan. president obama expected to soon decide what the u.s. role in afghanistan will actually be after 2014. number 3. ten banks have agreed to pay homeowners a combined $8.5 billion. to settle accusations of improper foreclosures. the deal could compensate hundreds of thousands of americans whose homes were seized because of abuses such as robo signing. number 2, a cop in court described trying to save people as they lay pleading and dying during the the killer did not appear to show any emotion. number one, president obama urging the that the to confirm his picks for defense secretary and for cia director. early reaction suggests there will be resistance. and that's "the fox report's" top five.
end of the bush administration. john brennan comes in at the beginning of the obama administration and builds white house policy and process around it. that's also one of the reasons there are few al qaeda leaders walking around today. >> we've gone from leon panetta to david petraeus briefly and now if john brennan is confirmed, john brennan. is the cia changing? >> the cia has changed drastically drastically, charlie. one of the discussions about john brennan is going to be aside from the counterterrorism paramilitary and drone world they have to get back to regular spying. >> john miller, thank you. >>> the only suspect to be jailed after the attack that killed the ambassador to libya is free this morning. his lawyer says he was released last night because of a lack of evidence. on month secretary of state hillary clinton told her staff she will testify to congress later this month about the attack in benghazi, libya. >>> we look at secretary clinton back on the job, she was greeted monday by cheers of staffer, and gave her a football helmet because of her c
, the white house and president obama feel when hagel has a chance to answer those questions, he will give good answers, convincing answers, that will get him the support he needs in the process. to that end, it was at least twice yesterday that he was urging congress to move forward quickly with this nomination as well as others on his national security team, these are really imperative roles that need to be filled. >> he is in the unenviable position of being on both sides. thank you, appreciate it. >> we'll talk to senator hagel's former chief of staff, mike buttry. >>> and a story that combines our love of football and politics, kind of sort of. secretary of state hillary clinton returned to work yesterday. as she was ready to leave her home and head into the office, you remember she suffered from the flu that led tie fall which led to a concussion and led to a blood clot. and her colleagues gave her a football helmet and football jersey with the number 112. the number of countries that she visited as the head of the state department. she's expected, of course to step down from her rol
to betty white, and the cast of the shahs of sunset. >> jennifer: i'm jennifer granholm. tonight in "the war room," president obama nominates a republican war hero for defense secretary, and republicans say they don't like it. honestly, what is wrong with these people? [♪ theme music ♪] >> jennifer: today the president nominated normer nebraska senator, chuck hagel for defense secretary so he would be the first enlisted soldier to leave the department. and also the first vietnam department. he has gotten endorsements from colon powell robert gates, tom ridge, but the other defining element of his resume? he's a republican. >> finally chuck represents the bipartisan tradition that we need more of in washington. for his independence he has earned the respect of military leaders, republicans and democrats, including me. >> jennifer: he would be the second appointed cabinet member. and not since president kennedy have there been that many republican in a democratic administration. but listen to this. >> i know chuck hagel. he is an honorable man, but he is profoundl
did they say? >> jay carney, the white house spokesman said two things, one they would be making a formal response, so president obama will decide whether i'm going to be deported or not, but i thought there was a clue to that decision-making process, which said they wanted to remind people they respect the right of freedom of expression, which is of course a constitutional right under the first amendment. about people who want to deport me for supposedly attacking the second amendment, which that's a flagrant -- the freedom of speech expression particularly with the press. it's noted there. i think that this debate has to be had the it has to continue, it cannot be allow to do die just because a story fades out after a couple weeks. there will be another mass shooting in america, and we knows this. the answer to sandy hook is not to do nothing. that's a moral and ethical -- >> i'm flat out time. but i cannot wait for tonight's program, because i know you have more coming. piers, thanks for talking to me. >> thanks, ashleigh. >> i said it, tune in tonight, because he has the fall
station from viewers like you. thank you. >> woodruff: today's announcement at the white house sets up a pair of potential confirmation fights. president obama's choices to oversee the pentagon and the c.i.a. will now be called to answer questions about everything from israel to iran to interrogations. there has been much speculation about both nominations, but the president made them official this afternoon in the east room of the white house. >> my choice for two key members of my national security team. chuck hagel, former secretary of defense and john brennan for director of the central intelligence agency. >> woodruff: hagel is a vietnam veteran who would replace the retiring leon panetta. he would be the first defense secretary who saw combat as an enlisted soldier. >> in chuck hagel our troops see a decorated combat veteran of character and strength. they see one of their own. chuck is the champion of our troops and our veterans and our military families. as the leader of the v.a., he fought to give our veterans the benefits they deserve. as head of the u.s.o., he devoted himsel
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